Hello FRenz

Heloooo~ my buddy and my best best frenz
you must hear about wat i say coz it most importance thing to learn how to distinguish the true or fake frenz!!

It the frenz always beside us is the true best frenz or juz fake? ==
Can u give me a answer? I very hope tat my best friend wil not the fake one!
Some frenz the brain was very simplea-;) i like the brain simple one~
The brain simple frenz will make me happly all the day and will not snare me anymore/

If our frenz brain is complex one~ haha T.T u will get more more trouble==
this type of frenz will harmful us..They think simply thing to make our ffrenz to leave us
make us nope frenz anymore T.T

Frenz juz like love~ 
we always must the person tat fake to be our frenz but the true one is to grab our frenz or our love~