这也是Winnie.....:P cute ba...这是她哭的样子咯!!!每次想起他。。。我都会要笑了,因为他的样子让我感到很好笑咯了。。。。。
Winnie 很贪吃咯!!!吃到满嘴都是饼干。。。。Haizzz...

" Winnie" The Pooh

这是我妹妹和我保姆的孙子—“WINNE”The Pooh。。。。



Tis movie u must see lol...This movie very funny and intersting:P
Dun 4got see the ep 1 coz it will has the kim hyun joong out lol..

He was very handsome lar>-<
Wooyoung and Taecyeon also handsome lol...
OMG!!!The boss of JYP also has act at tis movie..

Come on!!Lets support tis movie;D

SS501 - Find MV

[Full MV] Park Jung Min (SS501) - Not Alone MV Full Ver.

Dream High Ost Suzy -Only Hope

Taecyeon (2PM), Suzy (Miss A), IU & JOO - Dream High (Dream High OST) (F...

The KOrea MoVie

Finally....i has see the ep of 15 and it make me laugh manny many time;P
juz now see them dance gracefully and it is very very beautiful dance...

OMG!!! the angry teacher even i see her cry now she was cry and many time luiT.T
Now i want to wait the last ep is 16...Hope tat the ep 2morrow will on the pps lol...-.-