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SS501- YOU ARE MY HEAVEN (official music video)


Pesta Bahasa;(

Our choral spaking on today is going to Final.our drama veri funny;]
The performer change her Melayu dress and their face become very ugly
become they need to perform a ugbly ppl lol..
Haizz...make our 2 randa dissapointed is our class choral speaking get no.2
Dk the judge how to chose the winner,maybe they eye are blind dy...><
The dikir barat also very nice I very hope tat my next year is form 4 dy coz can dikir barat
My cousin also has choral speaking competition bt he also get no.2
maybe our destiny not good gua!!
Bt i were accept the results maybe next year can win ba!!

Leave Wordsss..

Rainy day...=_= bt we also has YAKIN...Sienzz gong~~
I and ching lynn were eat togerther,we sienzz until no way to go dy;(
Then, shu yee.sock juin were come to kantin....
YES!!! shu yee has bring her HP;] we play her hp and see her msn..hehe..we veri naughty noh!!haizz
Shu yee hp has  many wallpaper then we copy her leave word at her hp
U can see this word in th FB LOL!!



手♥是给HIGH 5


Pray For Us And JEPUN

Believe tat ur all know about the Jepun..Veri sad about them like nope home to live and many ppl were die
We also will face the promblem of Dommsday
we might Die if still happen the Nature Disaster
We were very close wif the die monster...
So we must care about our family n frenzz
tat ppl dun not close wif their parent,quickly come home and honor ur parents

come on!!!let us pray for our.parents.frenzz and jepun

Angry Day

We has competition of choral 2day....we are so nervous bt we still can in to the FINAL!!!!
i really dunno the TEACHER CHEAH 's facial is how?
Selfish is CHEW LING accompany her until she go home bt she leave me alone then go home!!!make me so angry LOL~~
Make me get angry is some ppl so me veri copy her one>< SHIT!!! she copy us lar...
And she also warning us to talk smth carefully lui..

choral speaking partice alone

Hmm...say about wat nih>_< 
today we 2 randa pactice alone our choral.....
coz CPK did not teach us coz she is a stingy ppl
we juz only noise then she go to complain to Pn.lim so we got scold by Pn Lim LOL!!!!=_=

Now ....we dy change the conductor is LIM WAN WAI...
i very like she be the conductor coz she can teach our very well.....~~
Haizzz....we need to change the ??? coz about some reason


coz dun not want the CPK look down on us .....

Funny Action

we has practise our choral on 2day...on 2.10
chew ling also has so we go to eat 2gather:]

coz the time very short so we go to da bao the food n buy some drink....
when we walk suddenly we see the clock was 2.00 dy...we hurry up and keep run faster<3
very funny when we was run LOL~~

we eat very very fast then we hurry go to the place
Argh!!! when i go to 1 Damar the cheak PK dy at there>_< i give chew ling my drink then go in there....

The most [ FUNNY ] action is we nid to the head like around the earth:P very very funny n many lui the action;D

after tat,we go to yakin....teacher want us to jump\ but we go to toilet....hehehe very naught nuh~~~

Dream High Ep16

haizzzz.....why hyemi dun wif jing guk??!!
samdong very handsome jugok but jing guk more handsome than sam dong LOL....>_<
the hye xing also very beautiful dy ....before she kiss jing guk, i dun know who is she..then ....
why the last ep is the sam dong kiss hyemi???!! why dun taec yeon kiss hyemi??!!!

Now want to start see my princess lol...
I think i now want to like shin pin tat like beast until want to siao lol...
the mv of shock very nice and their dance also very beautiful

very ke si coz cannot eat chew ling pizza lol...
hehe...i very tan chi noh!!!!

Choral Speaking

Today we have practise our choral speaking.....
our vanue is on the stage there....

however when we go there, there dy has 2 pinang practise there///><
but they were padan muka coz they need to at the hot place
And we were on the cold place lol...Happy LOL=-=
make me very angry de is 2molo still has practise so i cant go to md..;(